When Every Other Free Tactic Fails To Buy Views For Your YouTube Videos

Whether you are a small scale business trying to sell through YouTube videos or just a hobby video producer you want videos that get everyone’s attention. Unfortunately not everyone is gifted with the art of making viral videos. Even if you can’t make great viral videos, there are a lot of ways to boost your video, besides trying to buy views and help it maximize its view count. The good news is you don’t have to pay a penny. The following are the ways people try and have even found a good amount of success.

  • A catchy title that gets the attention of your audience
  • A proper description of the what the video is all about
  • Using appropriate tags with relevant keywords so that your video is easy to find
  • Sharing your video on social networking sites, through email etc. as soon as you upload it on YouTube
  • Edit the video effectively to reduce unnecessary waiting time, distractions etc.
  • Using the annotation feature of YouTube. With this you can link to other videos on your channel and thereby increase its view count.
  • Ask people to subscribe to your videos

But more often than not, despite having done the above, you may see that your video does not get enough hits. It may not matter, if you are just uploading videos as a hobby and to earn money part-time. But if you want quick conversions and want to up your sales through videos, then you should buy views instead of simply waiting. Here is why.

  • Affordable – You can get 10000 views for just $10
  • Quick –The views will be delivered to you in a matter of days
  • Rank – Get high rank on search results
  • Improves credibility – More views can improve your social reputation
  • Easy – You can buy views by ordering them online in a few easy steps


Understanding SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a marketing tool that focuses on increasing the visibility of an organization in the free or non-paid search engine results.

SEO ensures that the fundamental construction of an organization’s website is carried out in an organized manner, such that other search engines can easily comprehend what the organization stands for and makes the website more search engine -friendly. SEO comprises of several inventive and practical ways to carry out its functions across various search engines platforms and this includes:

  1. Enhancing the ranking of the website
  2. Promoting visitor traffic across all web pages
  3. Fostering awareness regarding the organization, its products & services
  4. Creating links that direct visitors to the target organization’s website
  5. Increasing the value of the target website by special marketing techniques

Several companies work towards this goal such as Mail Banger. However, the question arises whether or not an organization requires SEO. To answer this, here is a list of reasons that points to the need for SEO.

  • Most people these days rely on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing for their searches. It is through these commercial search engines that a huge amount of web traffic is created. Hence, increasing a website’s visibility through SEO becomes important.
  • The second major contributor to web traffic is social media. Promoting your website on different social media platforms also contribute a part of creative SEO.
  • Since most people on search engines, search precisely what they require, SEO is very focused on providing the right targeted audience.
  • SEO create opportunities for websites to display their content, products, and services and to draw visitors to the website.
  • SEO enables users to quickly find the target website and adds & updates content to its database on a regular basis.
  • A user may merely type some words in the search box, but it is these search queries that can make and create value for the target website.
  • Organizations can simply look at SEO as a unique marketing publicity tool, which can be exploited to generate traffic, revenue, and

The Ultimate Social Media Likes Trick

First thing first. It is alright to buy likes and followers for your social media accounts. It is a cut-throat world out there and every like and follower counts in the competition to become more popular than others. You need more people to view and appreciate whatever content you post on these platforms.

Once the first few followers come, then the popularity goes up. As it happened with an Instagram account, as the person explained, “I bought Instagram followers from this site and then the account climbed up the ladder of popularity as the name came up easily in various searches due to more number of likes and followers”.

There is another aspect of increasing the likes for your account. You cannot just post a message and expect people to like or follow that. You need to engage with the readers, at their level. This relationship is important to sustain the visibility through increased popularity. Through this relationship, you can know more about the existing and future customers as well. This helps you to improve the content of the posts and your customer service.

When you are receptive to a huge base of people on the social media, this also brings in a certain amount of loyalty in them. They start trusting a brand when they see it responding to their needs, questions, and comments. On top of that when you are able to take any criticism in a positive manner then it improves your credibility in the eyes of all the people who read your posts. With increasingly more number of followers, slowly all the aspects like, credibility, trust, and visibility etc.will also improve.

If you have more followers and likes, then, of course, your popularity will keep increasing if you are consistent with your posts. You can buy some advertisers, in the beginning, to attract more people to the website or posts and then it becomes easy to grow. Follow the tips for increasing the base of followers and your brand will be trusted by more people.

Valuable Lessons About Social Media followers

Knowing Your audience when it comes to social media network is very important. As we all know having a social media has become way more important than having a social life. It is like as if you have a social media life only then you exist in this world. Not being present in social media network anywhere is considered equal to being dead or not existing. Since social media is open to anyone and everyone it has become important that we know about the followers before having them follow our social media page.

  1. By knowing how your followers describe themselves on their page and their bios you will know what kind of places they usually visit and what they value the most. For example, if your follower talks a lot about their projects and achievements you might want to add gamification elements to your site. By doing this you will improve your marketing skills and get all the important useful information about marketing and attract the right followers like Social media panel.
  2. You can also post some pictures which might be inspiring to you. For example, if the follower posts about a trader who has made millions of dollars in trading profits, or by posting photos of their travel who are scared to travel alone which will inspire more people to travel after seeing the photos posted by a lone traveler. Sometimes when you are really low and see a post from your follower with an inspirational quote written on it, this will also boost your mood and make you feel better.
  3. Sometimes some followers put provocative messages and photos like doing a bungee jumping or scuba diving or any other adventure sports and in their post, the writers don’t be a wuss be brave and try this. By seeing this post, you might feel like doing the same and challenging life. But sometimes some people think in a negative way and start questioning the character of the blogger because of this post.

3 steps to reach 1k followers in a month

If you have a good product or something great to show to people, then you need to have an audience. Today our audience searches for good content on the internet. So we have to be a formidable presence on the internet, and our content on social media portals has to be really good to be noticed by more people. Unless you have a few thousand likes and hundreds of followers your brand visibility will be questionable.

If you want to rank high in the search results and have many followers, then the most important factor is to have the best content possible. People like to read unique and interesting content and then they do not mind to share the links with others. So ensure that your content is of really good quality, so that its good visibility speaks volumes about the high standard of your brand and creates that first great impression in the minds of people. Then they will come back to check again for updates and new content. So that you get a chance to post regularly and consistently for an ever-increasing audience.

Another important factor is to track the effectiveness of your content and change the strategy if needed. So you must make use of online apps and tools to track the followers, and other data. Use these apps to understand how to improve the visibility across many platforms. This helps to keep ahead by identifying the target location and the right key words. These need to be used to get maximum benefit.

The third step is to look at creating a consolidated social media presence. You can increase the traffic to your website by asking visitors to share the link on their posts and the chain grows exponentially. You need to become a strong presence in your niche and for this, you need to have quite a few followers and in the beginning, it may be difficult. In the beginning, you can buy likes on Instagram buy , and then with the help of great content you can hook the attention of followers and they can share your posts.

These three steps would help to make you a more visible and stronger presence across social media and help you to get more followers in a short span of time.…


Once you have invested your time and hard work in any business online, then it is really important to know the status of the company. It does not require any sophisticated software or any degree in specific to analyse the outcome of your company. Monitoring success is very tricky as it is difficult to know what aspects have to be constantly monitored.

Before monitoring and measuring the company’s online success it is better to know what the goals of your business are. If it’s for revenue collection or just engagement of the audience in your site, whatever it may know the goals will help assessing the outcome. If it’s revenue goals then people can buy or sell through your website. If it’s for engagement business it aims at monitoring how people find the site and what people do with the website.

Tools like Google and Bing webmaster and Web analytics programme are used to monitor the success online. Web analytics programme is an easy tool and it is free. The Google and Bing webmaster requires just domain verification to access the data that search engines have about your site.

The best traffic is the qualified traffic. The visitors who visit your site itself are the main markers to see the success of your company. Few of these turn out to be the future buyers. Once there is sufficient traffic created, and then monitoring the keywords used can be used in the webmaster tools to find out the number of customers looking into your site. Adverts can be prepared with the keywords. I created my companies advert at this agency in London which was very fruitful. Time spent on viewing the pages and sites are also indirect tools to assess the outcome of your company.

Once the goals are clear an insight to the number of visitors can be clearly obtained. This in turn gives the data regarding the company’s online success.…

How To Optimize Twitter With Hootsuit

Social media has become an in thing today. One has a number of accounts, thank to the sheer number of such platforms. Having a n account on just Twitter or Instagram will not suffice. One will have to have an account in each of these social media platforms.

The followers or friends one has on their page are almost the same set of followers on other Medias too. Your Facebook friends will be following you on Instagram and Twitter too. More often than not, one posts the same content on every account of their and surprisingly, the same set of people like it on each of these accounts.

This is how social media has changed and influenced our daily lives. As a result, one needs to keep a tab on each of these accounts, and keep responding regularly, if they want ot be famous on that platform and have a large number of followers.

What To Do?

So how do you keep a track of all the social media accounts? You can have each of those Apps installed on your smart phone, with notifications being sent for every activity. But how do you respond and manage?

When you are busy discussing something, a notification may come in and you may dismiss it after taking a quick glance. At the end of the meeting, that notification is forgotten and some post or question on your page goes unanswered. This is one of the biggest nightmares for aspiring social media stars.

I got great quality twitter followers with the help of Hootsuit. This App helps me keep track of the various accounts, comments, and responses. It is a one stop for all my social media accounts. As I don’t have to keep opening each account and reply from there, this saves me a lot of time too.

This is a dashboard that allows you to reply to all your comments from this App itself. As a result, you get to reply faster and nothing is missed out. Use this App and improve your Twitter activity and increase the followers overnight.


How Do Agencies Get Their Information

Based on the information present out there, one would think that building a website and getting it ranked in a Google search is a one-man job that takes months and sweat and toil and a ton of research. While the months of work is right, the one-man job aspect of this entire process isn’t. Welcome to the world of employing agencies to do this job for you!

What are link building agencies?

To begin with, link building is a strategy that websites use for their visibility. It is basically when you are able to convince other websites to link to your page. The more websites that link to your page the better placed you are since you will have tons of visitors and click throughs in a day.

Building links is not an easy process. If, for instance, you have to be cited on Wikipedia for an article, it takes time, and convincing as well since this is an authority site that everyone uses to gather information.

Since websites are keen on rankings, they get outside help to ensure this. These agencies are link-building agencies, or Linkaufbau Agentur. Professionals in the field have surmised that a chink of search engine algorithms are focused on factors related to links which makes link building an imperative aspect of a site’s digital marketing strategy.

How do agencies get their information?

While a lot of companies and search engines use proprietary methods to source and analyze their information, over the years researchers have come up with valuable analysis to work out how agencies gather information. Here’s a few important aspects of information gathering:

  • Popularity
  • Being specific to a topic
  • Using anchor texts
  • Ranking by trusted websites and sources
  • A good link neighbourhood
  • Stay fresh (in terms of links and content)
  • Social sharing and click through

With this information in hand, it is possible for link building agencies to get what they need and build their strategy thereon.…

The gap between the SEO and Content Marketing!

We have a lot of these 2 concepts, which has been doing the rounds on the net since a long time. SEO, on one hand, is a concept, a process, a new technology that has helped in optimising the web pages and the search engine that filters out the best pages, as per the keywords used to search.

Content marketing is the strategy, which is much broader and pertains only to the content of the page or site. It is used in a more relevant and creative way, targeting defined set of audiences. Content marketing is a part of all the marketing types, simply because there is nothing without content!

Content is the data, which is modified in a way to gain more business. Mainly for the social media marketing content is the base, upon which the various strategies are applied to target defined or common audience.

The difference:

SEO uses content, in a more narrow and refined way to optimise the search and make the page or site highlight at the top based on those keywords or niche given by the user. SEO aims for certain criteria and the content part fulfils it. SEO lets the content marketing know about the most searched keywords or topics and demands content in similar lines, which is fulfilled by the content marketing team.

SEO and Content marketing overlap at many points. Both of them need to be consistent, at all times. SEO asks for links and content marketing fulfils it with links. When there are links that highlight your page, that link should be linked to great content. So, both of them are connected here too. SEO needs content and Content Marketing just passes that!

So, SEO and Content marketing are related to each other, but they are not the same.

If you are looking for some professional help in creating a site with SEO strategy, just contact us, at Dilate Digital Marketing agencies, we are here to help you at all levels, with only quality services assured.


The Effective Ways To Promote Your Business Online

Your business promotion is void without the effective use of the digital world, which is capable of attracting more customers than your conventional marketing approach and therefore, anyone willing to attain a prominent spot in the business world should undoubtedly utilize the following effective ways to promote their business online and gain immediate popularity and appreciation more than what you had envisaged!

  • Blogging

Blogging provides you an opportunity to elucidate your business’ purposes and goals to your customers in a more personal manner as you can use this medium to record your business’ thoughts in an engaging way that keeps your customers absorbed in your business activities altogether. When you know what to write and how to write relevant to your niche, your customers are only yours forever that makes your business the most popular and more prosperous too!

  • E-mail Marketing

The most cost-effective way of online marketing that can bring more customers to your website if you know, how to attract them using your e-mail writing tactics effectively! Just one click decides your mail’s fate that is whether to move it to the trash or signup for your email newsletters, which undoubtedly depends upon what you put on your subject line that urges the customers to peruse the mail’s contents rather than treating it as a spam!

  • Search Engine Optimization

This magical keyword is the reason for many prominent businesses to do wonders in this online world of marketing as it has the ability to increase your website’s traffic by re-directing the disoriented netizens to your web page drastically. The rise and fall of your service in the virtual world solely depend on this magical word and if you have the assistance of this digital marketing glasgow, who has mastered this field thoroughly, your business’ success, not only in the virtual world but everywhere is going to be an unstoppable one evidently!

  • Social Media

Majority of the world is awake here and therefore, utilize it wisely by maintaining a suitable business page that not only records your business ideas but also remains as a platform to record your customer’s ideas so that you could understand their expectations out of your business and devise your strategies accordingly to remain them hooked to your business forever, who in turn can attract more customers towards your business, leading ultimately to prosperity and growth!!


Search Engine Optimization – A Must For All Online Businesses

SEO, as we saw in the other related articles, is Search Engine Optimization that helps every business to have a stand in the World Wide Web by rating them and giving them a position for their services and products. With digitalization and technological developments, the use of internet has gone up very high and people look up to it for one or the other reasons. In such a scenario, it has become a must for all the businesses to have a link with the SEO consultants who help in giving them that position and visibility in the market by assigning a primary keyword for their services offered.

So without an exception, every business should have a plan for SEO which is a part of the business promotion and also a new and innovative way to attract more new clients into their platform. This helps in increasing the client base for the business. The Search Engine Optimization service in Glasgow offers few additional merits beyond the points stated above.

  • Leads generated using the SEO`s are found to be much higher and more in number than the usual procedures and methods.
  • Out of 100 customers, close to 90% of the customers benefit from this service. There is only a negligible number of customers when compared with the success rate, who have failed to reach the heights of visibility through this method. This does not mean that it will not work for you. So try and see your luck with this method and the consultants working for this.
  • Blogs are one very effective and attractive method of creating traffic for a particular website and this is very simple and easy when you have an SEO for your

These are also other reasons for why you should have SEO for the success of your online business.…